Hes Still In Denial About The Divorce.

I filed, he was served, we evn went to my lawyers office together, but he still thinks its not happening. he want me to try to work things out one day at a time. You see, he has heeen verbally and emotionally abusive for 14 yrs.  I finally found the courage to get this done.  I dont love him. Actually most times I cant stand him.  He still belittles me ,even in front of my 3 kids.  THEn he ha sthe ner ve to say he still loves me and wants to start having sex again. ewww. Any advice would surely help. thanx in advance.
amzaa amzaa
41-45, F
2 Responses Mar 2, 2012

Stay single.

I have a response for you. You are a total butch!! You never loved him and reading between the lines You didn't get the kind if sex you thought your slutty *** deserved. Good luck it's obvious to me that its all about you. God help the next guy you get involved with!