2nd Time Just As Bad..

My frist divorce i was im my early 20s, new i was to young but i loved her, then after the 2nd year i found out she was seen more guys then i could count. I meet what is thought was my soul mate win i was 30 and we were togeather for about 4 yrs befor we got married and life was great so we got married and bought a house and then after 5 yrs of marrige she was unhappy but would not let me no and tryed to fake being happy till about 4 mo. ago the she mees some one at work and she started to lie to see him and then had sex with him and told me she want to get dicorced and told me i had to move out, she filed and i lost every thing, i thought we would be togeather for life. now im with out her and im having a hard time getting over her. Now im more loney the ever and all i want is to be wiht her, i need a friend to help me get past this very rough spot in life. just dont no what to do any more.
lovsims lovsims
36-40, M
Aug 29, 2012