I Am So Mad

I was married almost 11 years the first time. Abusive emotionally and physically and finally got out of it. Met my second husband and he treated me in every way that I wanted to be treated. Would always offer me words of security because he knew I was in security.  He would tell me to take my wall down and let him in. Always told me he loved me. We had a baby and then it stopped. He quit wanting sex, he quit telling me he loved me even told me I was a piece of Sh*t and that he hated me. Finally last friday he left to go the store and didn't come back so now we are getting a divorce. I am so ticked. I gave him my heart and once I did he threw it away. I never thought I would sour to the idea of a relationship but I feel now that I could never be a in a relationship with anybody. But I guess the only thing I can and will do is concentrate on my children. They are my life and that will keep me going.

lvr06 lvr06 31-35 1 Response Aug 8, 2008

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When your going through a situation like yours, life can be so hard to cope with. No matter how many

blows these marriages have dished you be of good courage, and know that you are special. You have

purpose and your surviving through these two divorces can help someone else to survive through theirs. Hears a smile for you.