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I Still Miss Him So Much

My first divorce took place in 1992.  He filed but we both wanted it.  My overriding emotion was that of relief.  We should have never married in the first place.

I am going through my 2nd divorce right now.  This situation is so much different.  Last October, pretty much out of the blue, my husband made the announcement that he really didn't think it best we stay together.  We had been married almost 10 years.  10 pretty good years as I saw it.  A little bickering but few actual fights.  A lot of fun...a shared sense of humor, common interests and 2 kids.  He did want to leave for someone else.  He's not gay.  He just simply couldn't see staying for another 10, 20 or more years. 

When we married he was 27 and I was 36.  The age difference wasn't the reason for the divorce but it contributed to it in that he had a strong desire to see what else was out there...not just in terms of women but life in general.  So far he's stayed in town but he has since started dating someone who seems determined to take him somewhere to the sunny southwest....and he is going along with this idea so far!

Even with all of this, I cannot see him for the rat others think he is. 

jillyk4 jillyk4 41-45, F 2 Responses Jul 12, 2009

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Thanks for the words of support. Pokhara, what a great idea to go to Nepal. With my commitments here I can't really do anything like this but I get the idea of what you are saying.....just haven't figured out what the adventure should be just yet.

Been there,done that,once.It is a life changing experience.When it happened I decided to challenge myself and went to Nepal and hiked up to Everest.Great for my confidence.Get involved in something! Do something for yourself for a change.<br />
Best of luck to you.