So my Marine has been gone for about a month now and I got word of confirmation that he would be returning for the fact they needed his MOS back here. So the plan was that he was going to be departing from Bahrain on Saturday (our Friday) and arriving in about 4-5days after departure. I didn't really talk to my marine all day and then just a Jew minutes ago he writes telling me that he has bad news (I kinda felt it coming). He started saying that he mad be staying for 3 months. Then he said he said their is a chance of staying till November. As much as I want him to come home. I have to understand that we are going to keep fighting the distance rather he is across town or across the globe. Whatever the direction we turn in the next few days I'm all speed ahead with the love of my life. I could wait a life time for the fact that a love life our feels so much like a dream that I never want to wake up. If this is a dream. I would mind dreaming the rest of my life. Maybe I'll wake up the day he comes home :). So with that said. I'll keep calm and chive on lol. This little lady is is ready for whatever deployment has to throw at me. My heart and body and soul/mind belong to Cpl. Andrew. based in Bahrain for now ❤️💯💋

#fight the distance
angelbaby187 angelbaby187
22-25, F
Aug 22, 2014