I'm Looking For Alternative Medicines For This Menopause Thing!!!!!!

always had a normal cycle, but this time round the bleeding hasn't stopped for 10 days, light, but there all the same. Dry skin. Using a tone of moisturiser. Emotional over load when faced with stress and pressure to accomplish anything. More withdrawn. Still have a normal libido.
Any one tried natural remedies to combat the peri menopause?
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Do you mean alternative medicine? Or crackpot quackery? There seems to be genuine confusion about this everywhere atm...

You could increase consumption of foods containing lignans and isoflavones to help combat the chemical changes, but estrogen and progesterone are the best 'solution' - its the lack of these hormones which is behind menopause and long periods.

There is a 'good' list of foods here:


The 'natural' thing would be to just ride it out... and don't forget, something people will forget to tell you is that its basically impossible to eat enough of this stuff to replace working ovaries. You'll be looking at getting 1% of 1% and relying on placebo effects that I just nullified with this explanation. :)