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I'm Looking For Alternative Medicines For This Menopause Thing!!!!!!

always had a normal cycle, but this time round the bleeding hasn't stopped for 10 days, light, but there all the same. Dry skin. Using a tone of moisturiser. Emotional over load when faced with stress and pressure to accomplish anything. More withdrawn. Still have a normal libido.
Any one tried natural remedies to combat the peri menopause?
kimzibp kimzibp 46-50 2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

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I copied some of this from my previous answer to another gal. I bled like a you know what for about a year. Then is slowed down. The big thing here is to make sure your iron stays at a healthy level. Mine bottomed out and I had to go on iron for a while. Extreme exhaustion for weeks, is the key sign that iron is low. I sympathize big time. It's like I'm being reinvented right before my own eye's. lol Venlafaxine 37.5mg (serotonin uptake) really helped to ward off the panic attacks, anxiety, which I had never come close to having any kind of such a thing prior to peri-meno. before. Big shocker, and hated it. Vit. B has helped a lot with my adrenals and sluggishness and the black cohosh (Lorna Vanderhaeghe-menosmart plus) which has a few extra bits, has really helped me with the night time sweats. Magnesium can help with hypertension. If headache arise, a funny thing, for me, but, I'd drink some water and some times, maybe most times, the headache would go away. Weird! My libido went into overdrive for about 3 years prior to my 1st hot spell.

Okay so I think that's all I've got for now.

Women have been putting up and shutting up for a long time. Dr's don't know much on the topic either. They took about 1hr. of meno. lessons, getting their doctorate. I think it's time that we, women, bring a bitter sweet end to this suffering and get more info. out there to help others coming after us, with some much needed solutions, before all the suffering.
Through this peri-meno sheat, being a women sucks! Our blissful years, my arse! :)

Good luck!

Do you mean alternative medicine? Or crackpot quackery? There seems to be genuine confusion about this everywhere atm...

You could increase consumption of foods containing lignans and isoflavones to help combat the chemical changes, but estrogen and progesterone are the best 'solution' - its the lack of these hormones which is behind menopause and long periods.

There is a 'good' list of foods here:

The 'natural' thing would be to just ride it out... and don't forget, something people will forget to tell you is that its basically impossible to eat enough of this stuff to replace working ovaries. You'll be looking at getting 1% of 1% and relying on placebo effects that I just nullified with this explanation. :)