No One Ever Told Me It Would Be Like This!

Okay so here is my story. I started having these crazy symptoms around my 41st birthtday. The usual one's like hot flashes, but oh so much more.  My monthly cycle turned on me. I got the worst cramps in my life, extreme bloating and to top it off migraines. Furthermore around this time of the month I feel like a raging maniac, filled with anxiety and disgust at the world.

Before my actual diagnosis, I thought  I was really losing it. Oh I forgot to mention if you even look at my breast during that time they hurt. Anyway, I thought I was losing my mind. However I started researching my symptoms. Once I finally saw my doctor, she confirmed my diagnosis. Then she tried to put me on hormones. Well I don't take ANY medicine until I research the side effects, etc. I quickly realized I don't want to risk breast cancer to ward off my symptoms.

I ended up taking Black Coholsh for my hot flashes, drinking lots of herbal tea, and numerous over the counter medicines. Most of the symptoms were alleviated except for the mood swings, anxiety and rage. I dealt with these symptoms for 2 years before I gave in and started taking a mild antidepressant. It has worked and I feel a lot better. I just wanted to share my story in case there are other women going through this.  I had no idea that peri(early) menopause can cause so much grief. I thought it would be just a few hot flashes. No one ever told me it would be like this.

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Yes, I agree that I did not have a clue about menopause symptoms. I am going through the change, beginning around age 47 (I'm now 49). I had headaches, mood swings, weight gain, and lots and lots of joint and muscle pain (which would just come and go on a whim). Honestly, lately I have felt like an old woman, groaning when I get out a chair because of the aches I have been experiencing. My Mom, who is now living in a nursing home with dementia, never talked with me about this phase of a woman's life and now I really wish she could remember what she went through. My menopause symptoms have been confounded by the grief of losing my best friend to cancer and a long period of struggling with a hostile work environment. Sometimes I wake up and feel like someone (my body) stole my old life and replaced it with a new, unpleasant one.

I'm glad that you experienced with some OTC and herbal remedies and found some relief. I tried Black Cohosh for a couple of months, but did not experience any improvement. I wish all women could become better informed about the life altering potential symptoms of menopause, but I guess many people would feel uncomfortable or indifferent to learning about the hormonal problems of middle-aged women. Good luck with your efforts to cope with this natural change and thank you for sharing your story.

Sounds just like me with all the symptoms.Lord at times I really think I am going crazy ! Think I may have to finally get help with medication.