A Person I Dont Know

hi my name is josh i have 2 kids and a girlfriend that is also my kids mom. I love them all to death! but recently i have not been myself. I am an ******* to my girl friend more and more distant every day. i know alcohol is not going to help me but it seems to ease the pain from something i cant explain. i feel like im losing it like a last mans plea before he dies. im heading down a road that i have no idea where it goes. im turning in to a person that i dont wanna be and it feels like i cant stop it. im 23 and it feels like im having a midlife crisis. i just wanna go lay in a dark space and never leave because i dont wanna be mean n e more. i love my girl friend and dont wanna leave her. but i dont think im gonna change. i feel like im not gonna make it through the tough times. Can some one give me the answers?   

anunknownroad anunknownroad
1 Response Mar 7, 2009

you are young...some say it is restlessness...i believe we only know what we got when it is gone...maybe some introspection, goals?plans for the future? Fears?