im broke, im single, im about to start two years of intensive therapy, i still have learned to eat in a way that could be described as anywhere near normal, i have few friends because im breaking down constantly, i have a phobia of my own house and being alone, my mum is still trying to top herself, and my dad still doesnt love me as much as a bottle of vodka. i think most of my life has been a rough time.



at least im trying to fix it with therapy. fingers crossed it works.

Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
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Thats my life too lost all my money my wife and children I've not seen<br />
in three years they dont want to see me. So here I am 50 broke and having<br />
to live at my parents . I have no future

In the long run, bringing up all that **** will be SOOOOOOOOO worth it! So even though it hurts to bring up, tell them what has happened, how you feel, because the sooner it all comes out, the sooner you can heal and feel GREAT!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

if ever you need a friendly chat or a kind word of encouragement or a smile, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'm sure you'll do fine once things get started. Don't worry about being broke and all that stuff, just get yourself safe and slowly things will take shape. I wish I had a nice colorful human shaped teacozy (knitted by a kind old granny.....) to pop over you at night to keep you safe (and warm too !).<br />
<br />
xx zippy

thank you

yes please!!!!! I cant think of anyone Id rather have hold my hand :)

need me to fly over?

i know it will help, i have no doubt of that. i now i can do this, and i will be better for it.<br />
<br />
its just going to hurt like hell. and be scary. worthwhile, but still ****.

i think it might help darlin so go in with open eyes and your great big heart and let it all in...

being there 9-3 mondays wednesdays fridays for 18 months. art therapy, psychotherapy, all done in groups. working as a community, cooking and shopping for each other, helping each other get better. lots of talking, lots of dragging **** up, lots of changing behaviours. lots of ouchies.

and what does this intensive thing include?

thank you split :)<br />
<br />
<br />
Im just freaking out now the date has been set for tomorrow. massively.

It will work darlin' cause you are loved here and we are all behind you 150%!<br />
<br />
Love you always and find me when ever you need that shoulder