Totally Mixed-up

I typed on the letters of my name and my hands paused on the keys. Quickly my eyes scanned the story for one last reassurance that I had not misspelled something, or that I could not say something just a little more convincingly, or perhaps improve the sentence structure. Finally I decided it would have to do.

It was cold outside. The usual warm weather had given way to a cold snap. It was already in the middle of “winter” season. I lay a bit more than asleep, dreaming to the sounds of the crackling crickets. It is more than enough reason for not getting up when I felt something strange.

This very day is the beginning of another chapter of my life. Perhaps this time it will be different. Living a semi-independent life, far from family and known friends. It seemed a little bit weird, awkward, cold, and lonely. Perhaps it marked or at least helped to mark the point at which we all agree it’s time to begin to move on, time to get back to the business of life. It was never easy but it is necessary.

My life is very simple, ordinary, and boring, until… as time passed by, my life started to become extraordinary. It is somewhat a roller coaster ride full of thrill, nervousness, ecstatic, horror, and gaiety. I remember someone quoted “extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people”. So does this suggest that I’m one of them? Flashy, isn’t it? I know you’ve also got some of your extraordinary stuffs right there, so you’re not exempted.
I begin to find new hope, new opportunities, and new journey. I met new friends in so many forms and sizes. Challenges made me strong, problems made me wiser, success and failures made me closer to our Heavenly Father.

It’s one of my dreams to go some places, and take adventure around the world. But, oh well, life. It’s even more of uncertainties like turbulence in an air flight. But I always adhere to God. He might prepare something out of my wary.

About her love life…hmn luscious affairs, steamy passions, cold seduction, brewing stories. That boy-girl relationship thing, well uhm, sadly I can’t assure you anything colorful. It is completely, totally, absolutely, blissfully, dispassionately, unfortunately, distressingly, bleakly dormant…sluggish…jinx. There’s such a lot of words from one simple question, so ‘So much for that’. Is it maybe Mr. Somebody/ Mr. Unfortunate/ Mr. Ever is not yet ready to be born? Hmn, or maybe I’m just not yet ready to fall in love, get hurt, and be in a relationship? Wierdo! Oh, it would be a great problem for sure. I’m not saying I don’t want that crazy little thing called love. I simply just do not know why. There are so many questions stirring in me. In an age in which we’ve come to expect quick answers, it only adds to the horror that no one can provide an explanation. Even if I badly wanted to know the answers right then right now, only time will tell. All I can say for now is none of us will ever be the same. And these things take time.

bunxai07 bunxai07
26-30, F
Dec 9, 2012