Follow Up Of "going Through This Alone"

Much has happened since the last time I posted. I no longer drink caffeinated drinks of any kind. Caffeine is not good for breast tissue. It's amazing, that once the caffeine has completely left my body, the breast tenderness has gone down to the minimum. And I can tell you that I miss my favorite pop. I have also learned much since my last posting about the connection of thyroid, estrogen, and progesterone. And I can always tell when my hormones are active because of my breast. The connection between the breast tenderness and thyroid is this: the thyroid hormone is free floating and the progesterone acts as a buffer. When there is not enough progesterone, the estrogen binds the thyroid and it is not longer free floating. I did go to the endocrinologist and she did a blood test to see what kind of auto immune disease was causing the thyroid problems. Came back negative, because it is acting like hypothyroidism. My OB/GYN may not believe that I am in perimenopause, even though I have many of the symptoms of it. She did do a hormone test that proved that I was a little low in progesterone. But wouldn't help me balance my hormones. So, on my own, I started the progesterone cream 3 months ago. I am not doing the suggested amount of either 1/8 or 1/4 tsp. I just coat my finger really well, and use it at night instead of twice a day, for the period of 12 days in the middle of my cycle. And it's working. That "voice of doom", which in reality is anxiety, is now disappearing. And I am slowing getting my life back. So far, I have been lucky not to get the hot flashes, unlike my friend. I've read all of Dr. John Lee's books on menopause, premenopause, and how to balance your hormones naturally. I've also read Dr. Laura Corio book, "The Change before the Change". We need more and more doctors like these two that will actually take the time and learn/understand what it is that a woman is going through during this time. I've had all the tests to make sure it wasn't something else and nothing else has popped up. So, I'm in perimenopause, and have changed my life. I eat way more fish now than I have ever done before. (And can tell when I haven't eaten enough fish.) I am getting back into walking and have continued my yoga. I do kundalini yoga and mix it with hatha. And it works for me. You just have to find the right combination that works for you. And life can and will get better.
metagalaxy1970 metagalaxy1970
Sep 23, 2012