Need Some Advice On How To Distract From Withdrawal Symptons

I have been tapering off anti-depressants for the past 3-4 months and this is the first week i'm off. I didn't have issues with reducing the dosage except maybe a little bit anxiety of going off. Now that I have stopped I'm having withdrawal symptoms I think. I didn't connect it to stopping my pills until I did a search last night online. I was really worried that I was relapsing to my depression, but it looks like this withdrawal can be normal. I called my psych last night to see if I should go back on and try to go to half the lowest dose I was on, but I haven't heard back from her and this weekend is looking long. At least during the week I have work to distract me.

I've had flu like symptoms of fatigue/exhaustion, been a little moody, I've had some of the head tingling and headaches, but the worst has been sort of the agitation feeling where i feel like something is tingling below the skin on my arms. It is driving me a little crazy. I can shake it out a little dancing or just jumping around for a while, but it keeps coming back.

Has anyone found anything that helped them through this time? Anything like massage or heat treatments or anything? I bought some Nature's Way Alive Women's Energy vitamins that have extra vitamin B in them which is supposed to help brain function. How long did it last? I'm tempted to just deal with it if it will only last a couple weeks and it will happen again even with going down from a lower dose. My doctor had talked a little bit about not stopping suddenly, but I have been tapering for months and we didn't talk extensively about the risks given the success I've had with tapering.

Would love to hear how other people deal!!
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I did it that quickly the first time I went off antidepressants, and it was terrible, so I went back on them again, and spent two years weaning myself off them. Then, I was fine.