Summer Weddings

The Rush

Hair, clothes, grooming one frantic rush for the guests,
and for the bride the time of her life, we hope.

Will she wear white?
I have a hunch it'll be a different shade.
Call it female intuition!

jophene jophene
36-40, F
1 Response Jul 23, 2010

yawingly, tired because<br />
the guests have to prepare 4 the big day as well.<br />
the weather was fine a huge relief.<br />
just married and words to that effect<br />
pasted on presents..<br />
there was an English theme red and white<br />
decorat. everyone came...<br />
a huge wedding, with plenty of action all neatly<br />
recorded.<br />
have to feel for the poor chap blushing not the groom<br />
the guest..can i go now, he asked after being filmed.<br />
just a few more shots, they asked.<br />
trip to Corn. cancelled, but an adventure neverthelesss..<br />
tall the best to the couple.<br />
. a friend came round with wedding cards,<br />
what can i write inside?<br />
bleary -eyed, we suggested 2 the happy couple etc...