I've just paid for rooms for xMonkeyFlowerx and myself so we're definitely coming to the Convention now.  It should be great!  I'm excited already.


Now for the stress of deciding on a cosplay.  I'm hoping to go as Freya from Final Fantasy IX but it all depends on me being able to find a suitable pink coat on eBay...


Squee...Excited!  Aya 05 was my first ever convention and the Ame's in between have been no where near as good.  Warwick campus is a really nice location as well so I really can't wait to get there and prop up the dealer's room!


Let me know if you're coming too!  It'll be nice to meet other EPers there!

Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
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4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Plan for the face is an masquerade mask with a pointed snout, sprayed silver. Preferably made of latex to allow eating and movement. Tail is a length of wire covered in grey fabric - tied around my waist to allow it to stand outward.<br />
<br />
Though will have to experiment to see if this is pheasable.

Paper mache for the mask, or find a kangaroo mask. Just anything that looks like a rat's tail with a bow around it. You could even go as far as to sew a piece of grey cloth so that it tapers at the end.

That is a good idea. I was just going to mould some out of putty and attach with spirit gum. The mask and tail will probably be more difficult...<br />
<br />
I've been Kiba from 'Naruto', Saionji from 'Revolutionary Girl Utena' and Nekozawa from 'Ouran High School Host's Club'. This is the most ambitious cosplay by far...

<br />
You should buy the WoW elf ears or something like that to use in that costume.