Secretly Pursuing My Dream =) Lol

Before I finished high school, everyone (parents, cousins, friends) was asking me what I would take up in college. At that time, I was really seeing myself owning my clothing and accessories line. I'm not dreaming to be the next donatella versace or vera wang, I just want a shop (with a few outlets maybe ). The type that high school and college students talk about among friends - the skirts and tops everyone loves to wear, must-have bag, the cool accessories, the uber "in" things... you know...

I was kinda scared (..imagine how the people around me were..) that I might end up nowhere after college if i take up fashion/design. And my mom was sort of discouraging me. Next to fashion, I thought that the next career option that I would like to pursue is business / entrepreneurship. And I (and so did everybody else) thought that this was a better career option because there are a lot of opportunities in this field.

...And so I wrote commerce in my application form...

I'm currently taking up Commerce (i'm now in 2nd yr) major in entrep. They know that I want to set up my own business that's why I took up entrep,, but what they don't know is the field in business I want to go through - fashion ! haha! ... I think I made a good decision because even if I don't succeed (hopefully not) in pursuing my dream in fashion, I can still apply for any corporate postion or set up other business.. hehe..

I'm doing some of the first steps in pursuing my goal while studying in college.. I'm making stuff that I sell to some of my blockmates.. (I know it's not really a big thing, but i'm enjoying it ) I also have set up a site,, but it's still in construction phase. Hopefully my client base will broaden..


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I think its a great idea, a fashion designer with no business sense has no hope of going anywhere. It sounds like you are setting yourself up with a killer combination of business and fashion. Are you taking some fashion design classes too?