The Pregnant Ex, Should I Date Others??!?!

okay, so dating isn't on the top of my list as of now because in about 3 months im going to be a father. i have a sjob so does she....
but recently because im not able to get into the military, or go straight into college, im not worth it. my family is 'crap' compared to hers and well it does'nt matter what i say or do, im never going to be good enough for her.

this all started because i was in a touring band and she thought i was hot and well yeah you know what happened from there.... but we broke up and started dating this other kid... then came to find out she was pregnant... so he sent her packin back to me, which at the time felt good but bad idk how to explain it.  she was 17going on 18 and im 20 going on 21, so there is a little difference...

im getting a dna test forsure and the mental drama this has caused me ceases to amaze me.

so later on after we thought we knew what we were going to do as parents , she breaks everything off, deleted/ blocked me from ever social network, blocked all phone numbers and or scans them so you cant get through , leaves her voicemail full so you cant leave a message, the last thing she said to me was dont try and see your kid, dont try to talk to me, dont come to any of the appointments your not invited into its life as of now.

wtf... like in the time since then( 2 months ago) ive had many women not GIRLS but women get ahold of me and want to start somthing serious.. would it make me a bad person to try and just be supportive of her and move on?, or should i sit back and wait for the hormones to be gone. its all so confusing idk what to do, i dont know and cant tell if shes dead serious. it may sound mean but i have other things i could be doing then sitting toiling over this, school , touring, working more, just plain living my life which as of now seems to be over.
any advice will help... even if its gotta be constructive critisism , i can handle it.
 im so frustrated im sure i left out alot of details, so if you have any questions just ask please
and thanks for the intrest.
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wait until the DNA test - then decide what you want. in the meanwhile - I don't think shes gonna get back with you - no reason to put your romantic life on hold. although honesty on your part might help,. <br />
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if she blocks you - do you want to demand parental rights? you have to think about this. if the child is yours and she doesn't let you have it and is emotionally abusive to the child and then 20 years from now your child finds you and asks why? <br />
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just something to thik about from someone who doesn't know her biological father and has expereinced verbal abuse cuz of who my father was.

What are your plans if the DNA test shows that you are the father? If you are, you have rights as the babies parent but this does not mean that you cannot have a life with another person. She closed the door on you for some reason. This has to be frustrating and also painful. Lots of questions not being answered right now on her part. <br />
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As this has to be an emotional time for you, I suggest that you get the DNA test results first and then plan your life around what it says. I assume that you would want to be a part of the babies life if you are the father? Get this huge question answered and then you will be able to figure what you want to do with a clear mind.