I Got A Girl Pregnant

and she wants me to have absolutley nothing to do with my child,
no contact with her
no pictures of the child

do i move on?
well and support the child ofcourse...
or is she just hormonal?

could that be it , can things go back to normal with us?
i was always taught that this is a gift from god... the best thing that could ever happen to me

shes makin it a living hell.....
drummerdaddy89 drummerdaddy89
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3 Responses Jul 10, 2010


Keep up the child support payments, keep *meticulous* notes about ALL the efforts you may make to see the child, and then move on.<br />
<br />
If you really, REALLY want a say in things or see the child, you can always go through (Ugh...) the legal system, but ONLY if you are prepared for a vicious and bloody fight where the odds stacked against you.

from the female prospective men have to quit blaming the hormones. alot of womens actions are ba<x>sed on the male themself. what did you do to her that made her say these things and not want you in the childs life? plus if your the father she legally cannot keep that child away from you. talk to her and let her know that you want and are going to be in that childs life. you dont have to be with her but that child should be your everything for the rest of your life. good luck