This could be dangerous in arizona

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Sometimes I have this accent kinda

Thank you so much for posting this. Now I know how I should really be doing my hair and makeup ese. We've all been called ******* by the feminist haters so I think its about fu(ken time we start looking that way. - LOL

Don't forget we gotta wear a shirt and only button the top button.

thats the new english language of america . god help us

LMAO!!! Funny, but disturbing at the end.

I want her. Do you have her address? I want to feed her soggy tacos and refrained beans.


You're right. I want to keep the sweet & salty tacos to myself.

Do refrained beans stop farts?

Absolutely. Eat some more.

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oh man............ that chicana is damn crazy homes

Its holmes

aye i dont speak chicano lingo!

Oh my.

Yeah its a bit of a political statement isn't it

Cleopatra is ashamed.

I'm sure...teeheehee

Was it you that liked mac and all the sephora brands?

Yes! I just got my order in from chanel and Bobbi brown today too!!!

I've got a pm of makeup info for you

Send it to me.

Someone got Chanel makeup??? :::cries:::

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