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How To Post Graphic Nudity In Public Spaces On Ep!

That's right! Ban me for that EP!
Vivagalore Vivagalore 31-35, F 7 Responses Jun 29, 2012

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shocking,but you will never beat my "First Porrn Movie" story

Is that a challenge or a fact?

6650 views my dear

please provide a link...I am far too lazy to go looking for this story.


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The true crime here is the defiance of gravity. It should be flagged for violating the laws of physics.

Used helium

I think I should flag this story.

: (

I followed you in here....;-P


i followed him, too :O

I think you should too. It's objectifying breasts

That's true. Those are clearly fake.

They are just genetically modified, but they are completely paid for... Don't be jealous of my led balloon helium boobies... Also don't smoke around me

what if it's weed? Wanna toke?

Tempting but my boobs are flammable ... Can't we just eat our weed brownies

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you seem to be going down the steps pretty fast....good thing you have airbags.<br />
<br />
Nice to finally see you naked....lmao


graphic alright

Ha ha ha. I wonder how many people will be looking for a titillating story or picture here?

One for sure. Huh? (Wink)

Moi? Non...

Excuse me? Did you not see the size of my lady lumps? Look at them compared to my arms... I'm a human not a T-rex....its very titilating...