National Guard

My boyfriend has officially joined the National Guard. He leaves for basic training in January of 2008. His MOS: EOD...Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist. AKA: dealing with bomb stuff. Scary stuff...I know. Anyways, he set his whole deal up to where he won't be coming back home after his graduation from basic. He'll just leave from there to AIT.

Stationed eventually in Florida...on the other side of the country....we go back and forth on how this will take a tole on our relationship. He'll be gone until March of 2009 if he is lucky. They say that 9 out of 10 people in EOD schooling don't graduate on time because of the material needed to graduate. So really, who knows when he'll be back.

Hopefully the year to year and a half time split will only make our relationship together stronger. As they say, the heart grows fonder with distance.

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My boyfriend is in the Navy MOS is EOD also. Basic is the hardest thing to get through but if your relationship can make it through that than the rest will be a breeze. Well Im not to sure about deployments yet havent made it that far =].