Worth It.

I am a junior in High School and I have been Best Friends with a wonderful guy named Josiah for almost 2 years. Most of the time we were friends he had a girlfriend, and even though I had strong feelings for him I never told him. Just a few months ago, him and his girlfriend broke up and he told me how strong his feelings for me have been for a long time. I can't remember a time I had been happier, and to this day I am still just as excited that he is mine. In 3 months he is leaving for basic training. So many people are telling me I'm crazy for trying to make this work, because we haven't been dating long and I'm so young. They're telling me I'm going to miss out on so much having a boyfriend that is so far away. But I believe with everything in me that it is worth it, and I don't feel like I'll be missing out on anything, because I have a truly wonderful boyfriend who is willing to stand up for his country. I am so proud of him. But I know I'm going to miss him like crazy, and I feel like this site will help me realize I'm not alone and help me get through some lonely nights!
carealot96 carealot96
18-21, F
Sep 10, 2012