Struggling Nursing Student.

I want so badly to be a nurse.

I'm currently a sophomore level nursing student, with 2 more years to go in a 4 year Bachelor's program. 

Academic wise I think I'm doing OK.  I mean, I'm really far from "perfect, straight A's oh look at me everything is so easy" but I do try.  Grades aren't my primary problem.  School will always be stressful. 

My main problem, is getting hurt, both intentionally and unintentionally by peers.  This is whats getting to me.  I have trust issues.  Majorly.And sometimes I get so scared that all this pressure and hate from others is going to crush me.  Sometimes I just don't know what to do.  One thing for sure is that I want it, to succeed, I want to make it.  No matter how much it stresses my mind, and my heart.

rencer rencer
18-21, M
Mar 19, 2009