Some Tips To Get Through Him Being Gone..

So I leave tomorrow morning for South Carolina. I'm really excited and super anxious because I feel like I've been waiting for this day forever. I just want to say for those women that are just now starting the journey, it does get better. Time keeps moving and you need to expect bad days. Sometimes you will feel like you are doing great and you could go months more and stay strong, but other days you will feel like you can't go another hour without him being there. That's completely normal. You will question your relationship, it's normal. The person you need to be there for you and get you through life's challenges won't be anymore and you will wonder how to get through without him. Lean on family and friends! I have gotten so close with girls that I never even would've hung out with if he weren't gone. I have made some great friendships and I am so happy to have these women in my life. Without this experience, I would have never reached out and I can't imagine life without them now. My family wasn't super supportive of the military lifestyle but just keep trying to convince them it's ok and that even if they don't agree with it, you need their support. Evan wrote my mom a letter about how much he loves me and now she is completely in love with him and supports us 100%. Encourage your parents to write a letter to your guy, even if they've only met him once. It will mean a lot to him. And don't stop writing! Even if you aren't getting anything from him, he needs your encouragement. In the beginning they can't send letters out right away and they also won't receive yours right away so you'll both be going through the same emotions, except he has people yelling at him all day. Also there's multiple times where they'll go in the field for days to camp and test their training where he won't be able to write so you could go 2 more weeks without hearing from him, but keep writing! Don't wait around for a phone call either. It depends on the drill sergeant, but most don't get phone calls (if they're in army or marines) unless they are in between phases (there's 3 diff phases in basic). My man got 3 phone calls over 11 weeks. They are amazing when they get to call though! Also, expect some awkward pauses at times and it may be hard because his emotions are drained out of him and you are leading such different lives. It will all be better when you're in person. Stay strong and at least wait through basic before making any relationship decisions! (Unless you're 110% sure you don't want to handle the military lifestyle because this being away from each other thing will probably happen again). Any questions, message me or comment! Good luck :)
newarmygf newarmygf
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012