Indeed I Will

Okay, so... Since elementary school, people have been telling me who I should and should not be friends with. It's lame. I've been friends with some really cool people that have been shunned from the majority because they are different.

In elementary school I was best friends with a girl that everyone told me to stay away from because her breath stank too bad (it didn't).

I was friends with a girl that all the kids stayed away from because they said she lied a lot (she didn't).

I was also really, really good friends with a girl that had one leg shorter than the other. People told me to stay away from her because she was stupid and strange (she wasn't). 

My best guy friend was rejected amongst our peers because he smelled like pee. Well, he kind of did. But his family was really poor and I think that was part of it. I didn't care. He was a cool kid.

My current best friend is disabled. She had absolutely no friends at the college we were both attending. People talked **** about her behind her back because she looks different. (Oh, how things have changed since elementary school!) She was in two of my classes and I thought she seemed kinda cool. So, one day when she was sitting alone I strolled on up and started talking to her. She said I'm the only one that's ever acknowledged her at school.

Egh. People are insane. I pick my friends based on what's inside, not out. As such, my friends kick so much ***.

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Haha... Well, hey, if someone wants to - go right ahead. :P

Maybe someone should make a statue of you.

Go me - I'm awesome.<br />
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All hail kleisse! The girl with the best friend-picking standards in the world!

Thank you.

Why thank you, fungirl.

Beautiful (fungirl bows in admiration to Kleisse)