Home Alone,,;advice?:..

Well im not going to be home literally alone but Half of my family is going on vacation, while my dad and older sister stay...she has School to attend and my dad works, well im going to be  home alone for 1 whole Week for 6 hours everyday alone or more, i was wondering if theres any fun things to actually do..i usually stay home alone but never for this amount of time latest was 4-5 hours 6 isnt a big deal for me but ive never been alone 6 hours everyday..

Any Helpful things to do??
Thanks Really Appreciate it
SourLove SourLove
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my advice and what I do.........watch **** and **********

just call me

hmm, watch TV, play video/computer games, IM, ask friends over and play games?<br />
Build something? Knit while watching TV? etc...

Well that settles it! I think we've decided what you're going to be doing by consensus! ;)

I'll have to agree with the DoDo on that last one, could be interesting, just make sure all the curtains are closed tight. roflmao.

Naked dance marathon to all your favourite music DVDs?????

Oh my gosh, hahaha.. the comments above me are funny.. Hmm. Turn on some of your favorite music and dance. No one will be home to see you so you can't embarrass yourself.

Naked DVD marathon!!<br />
<br />

DVD marathons? :D