His Betrayal

When I saw the evidence of him cheating last night, my heart sunk.
I had thought it had just been word of mouth, but the truth sat right in front of me.
It took a couple minutes to hit me, but it wasn't as awful as expected.
I went to another room and held my knees, as if I was giving myself a hug.
I sobbed a bit, remembering all the things we had planned together.
The whole two years I had dedicated my life to him... how funny, smart, and entertaining he was... then I realized that none of that mattered anymore.
I sat up, wiped the tears away, and sat back down in the room with my best friend that had revealed the evidence to me.
"I'm going to be ok", I said.
And you are too, no matter what you are going through. :)
noliera noliera
18-21, F
Sep 13, 2012