I think it's a choice
Be on much
Or less
Haha... x p

Just being a bratty faerie
I know things get rough here or in rl
*buffs your roughness*

Find the meaning and purpose of what ep is for you
And make the choice your heart whispers.
Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
8 Responses Apr 20, 2012

That was too funny to visualize! I know you stalk. *winks* Looooove stalkers...<br />
<br />
Oh... stalkers like you. Don't want any of those pervs. *looks for Des' pepper spray*<br />
<br />
And hey...! How do you know Mac sleep besides faerie??! *wiggles faeriebrows*

Thanks a lot, Mewold... for making the faerie envious!!! waaahh...<br />
<br />
I know all of you are real. Especially our closest epeeps... but this faerie is one to touch anyone, anything. It's like a closure to the wondering... and a new chapter can begin.<br />
<br />
*faerie touches your white crown*

Sylphy, you are right. I miss the "touch" also. I have gotten to "touch" a precious few by voice. I got to meet one in person, and that was wonderful. There are plans to meet again and introduce her to my sweet wife. But they are all real to me. And I hope I am real to them.

*does a shuffling step with Blissy to mislead cyber-people*<br />
<br />
Sometimes, too I want to only sit and read stories... but ack! Damn faerie fingers won't let me shush! ;p

Yes faerie lady ... I know what you mean ... I like to take a step back now and again just to survey the scene ... it's cyber-people-watching ... ;-)

Does it help, Pinky, when the head is sticking under the ground? Sometimes I hide under my bed covers and pillows.<br />
<br />
But it is always a treat to fly back in here... faerie so knows what you mean! *tickles your feather*

Ersatz... not all of them are... so much so in real life... they can be standing in front of me but still empty.<br />
<br />
And don't you start lecturing faerie, Daddy Bird! *hands on hips* I know you're real; but that's not what I meant in my post. *plucks feather from you*<br />
<br />
*flutters wings at Laffs* ... what we need and want... there's a difference. Like I need to log off now... but I don't want to... waaahhh... x p

I guess... the honesty is what makes it real online. But don't you wonder about the touch? I want the touch. =(

I like that... wanting the touch makes it all real... but waaahh... it friggin pinches... guess that's real, too... *pinches you in Fantasy Land*

We give and take what we need ... and leave the rest behind ...<br />
<br />
*polishes faeries' wings*