I got invited to play guitar on a one hour show (11 pm to midnight) on 91.7 KVRX in Austin.  It's a weird show where they have people reading stories or spoken word and have music/sounds backing them up.  Should be interesting.  It's called Union of the Hideously and Improbably Deformed. 

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holy crap. I didn't even look at the date of this story? lmao.!..<br />
<br />
...and I came back to see how it went, too!<br />
:D<br />
<br />
Heehee, oh wait, I wasn't the only one............................. :P

Thanks sweety :) I will let my friends here know when I have some new recordings to post.

haha, yeah it's kinda funny how things work once you've been on EP for a while....some of my older stories are really depressing and hopeless....I had just left rehab and was early in my sobriety when I first got onto EP. I was VERY depressed LOL<br />
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I get comments on them every once in a while and I have to tell the people that these stories are a year old now and I'm doing much better. Not that I don't deal with depression at all anymore but it's not nearly as intense as it was a year ago.

Fun to jump in late just for the heck of it though.<br />
I know that's exactly what you were thinking wasn't it antiyou? ^_^

oh, i just noticed the date

thats freakin awesome man!! good luck and have fun :)

Yeah the show ended a couple of months ago at the new year. The last show I did with them was on Christmas was fun, making rusty and weird versions of Christmas songs....good times :)

Did this happen like 9 months ago? hahahha

I'll give a listen

Wow, that`s so cool! I wish you lots of luck and fun, or maybe I should say, break a leg. :D

yeah this hasn't turned out to be the most popular group out there LOL...the radio show was fun, a great experience. I played it probably 5 or 6 times. Some nights were good, some not so good, but great experience nonetheless.

I see why there's no icon for this group, LOL. I think it's great. As an unknown musician I'd think it would be great to play anywhere. Congratulations and I hope you increase their listenership.

I'm pretty sure they do have web-casts. It is 91.7 KVRX in Autin, TX. If you google that it will come up. The show is called Union of the Hideously and Improbably Deformed. It's on Monday nights 11 pm to midnight central time. Last night was the first show and it was a little rough but next week should be a lot better.

No, you misunderstand. I met the director of the radio station who also does that show. He's heard my work on guitar, knows I'm a good pla<x>yer. I met him through a friend who also does the show and asked if I could come along and play. He said sure. They have a lot of different sounds going on. Wolves howling, whales calling, people reading stories/spoken word, and a keyboard pla<x>yer as well as some ambient sound cd's. I'll just be fitting in wherever I can, no one trys to dominate or stick out. It's about the overall sound.

I generally play rock music but this show I'll probably just be making funny sounds with my guitar. Whatever the situation calls for.