Is This Real?

This is my first time writing on here. My Marine and I met only once before his deployment.  That was 6 months ago. We email everyday, and talk n skype when he can. We keep things light because like i said we met literally tha night before he left.  N ive always been so careful with my feelings but i cant help but to appreciate, respect and want him more every day. Today he said hes not gonna be able to contact me for a while n to please remember how he feels about me, i froze.didnt kno what to say...hes never said it anything like that must be really bad...n it hit me..hit me so hard i felt the wind knock out of me....this is for real... Im so scared im trying to go bout my day but i have this weight on my friends dont understand..and i cant excpect them to...i barely kno him theyll which i think "barely know him? ive spent 6 months doing NOTHING but communicate with one man, how many of them have basically sat n talked to their man bout everything without a tv or phone or other people being involved?" but i never say it out loud to neone, even he only knows a small part of my true feelings for him, im too "cool" to put myself out there like that smh....than today all i could think of was...God Forbid..What If? Im so afraid ..of everthing i guess, this war, not knowing where this is going, if his feelings are real. .. i jus needed to vent ..its been a hard day ...any advice from you ladies would be much appreciated ....semper fi
scared12 scared12
Mar 9, 2011