The Bet

My family likes to place bets on alot of things. If one of my brothers thinks that guy from that one movie was so-and-so but the other swears it was someone-or-another, they say "YOU WANNA BET!?" After the handshake the conversation is then pretty much forgotten, until one day someone screams, "I TOLD YOU SO" throughout the house.

So when i started the discussion of vegetarianism and how it would be so easy to give it up, my little brother(who HAD been a veggie for a year) was quick to say-i bet you wouldn't last 3 months. Of course, i had to deny this till it came to the point of... "YOU WANNA BET!?"

I told him i would go one year of not eating meat-he said your on...1 year and 3 months later it kinda stuck :]

I've actually become vegan for the last few months after seeing meetyourmeat at and very soon... i hope to become a raw-vegan :]

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4 Responses Mar 11, 2009

hahah in a nuthell: yes

Now that is cool :) Are they all vegans because you started a sort of movement?

i try to be the mature one in my family-but it worked out pretty well-now were all vegans :]<br />
go figure..

Wow, respect to you :) your description of your household made me giggle. I can picture it so well. <br />
So...did you say "I TOLD YOU SO?!" :D