I just requested information from a learn at home degree program for bridal consulting.  I am in the middle of planning my own wedding and realize how much I love doing it.  I have always been drawn to wedding planning, I watch all those shows on WE and Style network.  My lifelong career goal is to become a child psychologist, but in order to pay for school and pay other bills at the same time (it takes awhile to earn a phd in psychology) I need a career for now.  So I had the bright idea to get certifiied as a bridal consultant, which is quick and cheap and convenient since I can do it from home.  Then start my own bridal consultant/florist business.  This way if I'm not making commission for planning weddings, I'll have the floral thing to fall back on, all while studying to become a psychologist.  It was like a lightbulb moment for me.

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I feel the same way you both do. I actually finished my Child Psychology course and then took on an Early Childhood Ed. class to become a preschool teacher. I just love doing stuff with kids but like you said I need a career right now... I'll have it to do when there is no school in the summer and holidays.<br />
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I love those shows on Style too. Like Who's Wedding is it

I am really enjoying the course I am taking. I can't wait to do some wedding planning.

I've wanted to do ALL of this! Including the child psych ;)