I'm Going To Be A Doctor

Because thats what I'm expected to do. I don't really mind the idea and quite frankly school keeps me from getting bored. I would really like to be a homicide detective but it would be a waste of my intelligence as some say. Happiness doesn't matter when it comes to school.
cammiealice cammiealice
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

I totally agree with ljos, don't go into medicine unless it is something you really want and have a love for. The last thing the medical community needs are more doctor's who could care less about their professioln and only went in to it because it was expected of them. I am a retired Medical Examiner and worked with many homicide detectives. Only a job snob would say such a thing about these hard working and highly intelligent men and women. Think carefully before you pass up a career in something you really feel you are suited for just on the say so of others. You will certainly regret it as the years go by. Best of luck in choosing your path.

How on earth would being a *homicide detective* be a waste of someone's intelligence? Plenty of problem solving skills, public service - a similar skill set. If you try and go into medicine without any enthusiasm, you'll crash and burn for nowt. Good luck!