I Want To Become A Doctor (i Think)

Im nearly coming to the end of my high school years and my plan all along has been to go to medical school and become a pediatrician, but now im starting to have huge doubts. Im big into sport and im worried during the long time im working to becoming a doctor will i have to drop everything? My passion for sports, my friends, my family....? I have heard so many people tell me that you have to be really commited to becoming a doctor as it's more a lifestyle than a job and at first i was commited but now i keep thinking am i really? I want to help people and make peoples lives better but at the same time i don't want to sacrafice my own, i know that sounds incredibly selfish but everyone only has one life to live you know. Im really stuck on what to do and any help is deeply appreciated. 
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I feel the very same! But my advice to you would be to follow your heart. It will take you to the right place. Instead of picking a job that you're not completely satisfied with, it's better to choose a profession that you love right? There is some kind of sacrifice involved in everything. Either you choose to be a doctor and give up everything else, OR you choose to be something else, and give up your dream of becoming a doctor. Choose what your heart AND mind tells you. Get advice from others, but don't let them influence your decision too deeply because later on in life, you are to be the one to blame if something goes wrong. If you make a decision with the influence of some other person, then you would automatically blame that person for your wrong step. So....think carefully, get advice, follow your heart, and don't forget to make the decision yourself. good luck!

Get some work experience as quickly as possible and you'll find out what being a doctor is really like. Preferably get a regular slot rather than bits here and there, such as every Sunday afternoon for a couple of months at the very least, and you'll get more of a sense of the routine, rather than dipping in and just seeing one aspect.<br />
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I'm a nurse applying to medical school this year, and I would say that though doctors work hard, they do have a life and fit in their own interests, especially with some family support. In the UK, qualified doctors can apply for flexible training (i.e. part time work) which might give you a bit more time to indulge your outside interests if it still isn't enough for you.<br />
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With all due respect to creativegoth, it's very easy for other people to say 'we need doctors, you must become one', but in fact medicine is oversubscribed at university. I don't feel it's selfish for you to consider other avenues. Mind you, if you're in a country in which you must be a graduate to become a doctor, such as the USA, then gaining that requisite degree isn't a bad idea even if you decide not to become a doctor- you could then go into sports science, perhaps.<br />
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Good luck and don't let anyone boss you around :)