Going To Do It Tonight.

If you EPian's have read my other stories, then you should already know that I am new to BedWetting and am still not perfected or even liking it.

I have not been bedwetting since last one week and will not be doing it for another 2 weeks as my hubby is out of the city for his company work.

But I am asked by my hubby that I should try doing it alone as well. So I am going to try doing it tonight and try sleeping in it. Let me see how it goes and then I will update this same story in a day or 2.

Update as promised
I drank nearly a litre of water before I went to bed. After a while I felt the need to pee. I was still awake at this point. I tried to pee in my sleeping position, but I could not. Tried different positions, like sleeping sideways with legs folded, Sleeping straight and also sleeping on my stomach. All attempts were futile. Finally I had to squat to pee on bed. Once done, I again faced the same problem as before. It was warm for a while, later on I started feeling cold, so I had to change the sheets. Then I went into sleep. I had still taken enough water to make me feel the need to do at night as well. 

Earlier that night, I had watched some videos on girls bedwetting, in which I had seen the girl had her one hand dipped in a bowl of water, and because of which she peed in bed while in sleep. I tried to do the same. I did feel the need to pee at night, but then I got up because of that, only to find out that my bed was not wet at all, and that I was still badly needing to pee. Finally had to go to the toilet to pee. A very unsuccessful endevour. :( 
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You're perfectly right when you said you found it difficult to deliberately pee in your bed but I hope by now you've mastered the art and you can both appreciate the pleasure, it's well worth the effort.

I've never wet the bed, but after reading all these stories, especially yours, I'm thinking it's the sexiest thing I can think of at the moment. I'm wearing diapers and I may try it tonight if I ever log off of EP.

I am glad that you liked it.

You should wet your bed as often as you can and tell yourself " I have wet my bed so I will just have to sleep in it" The secret to a good wet nights sleep is to make sure you stay warm. I can't sleep in a big cold puddle of pee and I've wet my bed all my life but as long as my wetness stays under me then I drop off in no time after a nice deliberate wetting. Try putting a pad or thick towel under your sheet and keep your knickers on. You will then stay nice and warm and wet. <br />
If you have not been a bedwetter before it will take time to overcome the feeling it is wrong to pee in bed. I was lucky in that respect as I wet all through my childhood and my bed was seldom dry. I became so used to having a wet bed I can't sleep properly unless I am wet. Pleasefeel free to ask anything you like about bedwetting. With a life time's experience of soggy sheets I can help you become a true bedwetter and keep you and your husband happy. Make sure he knows just what a lucky man he is. Most women find bedwetting disgusting and would never do it to please their partener.

Yes, I will let him know. And you are true, I am not liking it too much. :( May be with my Hubby's and fellow EPian's encouragement, I should be able to get this done. :)