Beltaine Memories

beltaine has always been one of my favorite holidays.  i actually was THe MAY Queen.  what an honor i must say.  i still have my crown made of dried flowers,  my mother actually made it for me...  it was rather amazing.  it so much fun dancing around the may pole,,  somehow,  no matter what year,  we always got the thing tangled,  but it was so much fun...........  and of course jumping over the fire..........  it took a couple of years and miracles but finally me and my husband, got our son......... 

i will tell you the worst part was when i had to pass over my reign to the next May Queen,,,,,,  but i went out with amazement ,  that's for sure........

love and light

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finding a solid pagan community is hard work. and keeping it functioning is even harder. oh, the Drama that goes on in the Pagan world, imagine all the power of the ego's colliding like the titanic , i seen it happen time and time again.......... i go it alone now,, :(

i love beltane, but i've never had a community to celebrate it with

Sounds like lots of fun :)

it was a learning experience for sure

sounds like a rockin time!

thank you, <br />
but actually the big event was when i passed my crown down to the next may queen. it was truely spiritual, <br />
the wheel turns

That is so cool that you got to be THE May Queen! Such an honor! I love this holiday! Hugs to you for being you!