Boarding School And New Beginnings

As far as I can remember I absolutely could not be bothered with school, but don't mis-understand me, I love to learn, I just sincerely disliked school. So through most of my life I have ended up learning about the social scene, how it functions, and trying to be an excellent friend to the people who have found me, and because of this I have developed an open mind and incredibly strong connections to my friends back home. While my education fluttered and flopped every year after a summer of hopeful thoughts would cause me to inspire myself to do better in school, but then the realization that it was all the same every year would again turn me to building strong relations to my loved ones.

I'm from the U.S. and am this year completing my GCSE in england, and am loving it, the vacations are endless, I'm never bored, and I'm getting higher grades then ever before and keeping them up. I have actually managed to completely re-make myself from the clean slate I was given. Before I came here I was known to my friends as the person that is always happy, but a little shy, not truly interested in anything, and quiet spoken. Since I have come here I am still the happy, happier than ever actually, a little withdrawn, person I am, but now I'm absolutely and completely determined to do the best I can with my GCSE and IB. I think this is the best thing to ever happen to me, and even though I miss my friends and can't go a day without thinking about them, I believe that almost nothing will convince me to leave where I am at now.
JustAnotherGuy97 JustAnotherGuy97
18-21, M
Jan 13, 2013