15 Days To Go

Yesterday two trunks arrived from big shop in city where ordered school uniform. They are like two small wardrobes and open up to show all uniform clothes underwear shoes everything. Even mirror inside door. There are drawers to put wash things and personal stuff a bit.
They have to go to school before me and will stand in my space by my bed so i have place to keep everything i need. Try to make bit of privacy with them.
Every new girl has these trunks and stay with you all time at school as you get new uniform to fit growing.
Papa Mama had letter from school in week to say what room i am in and what to bring like one bear only. Not fair how do i chose?
Letter also said i will be servant for Big Sister called Solomiya all new girls servant one year for senior girl. Solomiya is nice name i hope she nice person cos i really her slave have to do iron wash clothes in machine thank god. Senior girls have own room so i have to keep it clean polish tidy. Also make coffee wash up and do other tasks like run bath make sure water right hot and everything ready. Big Sister can ask servant do anything really so like slave. And worst Big Sister can spank servant if thing not right or she not like way done!!
That is why i have been practising all tasks with our maid Hannah to teach me so i do right not get punished.
I have things to study too so a lot to do in few days only. Not much time left for me.
But i have no choice so must accept. I know i will be sad when go first miss home room. I will try not but think i will cry at night nobody looking.
I tell you i am a bit afraid cos used to adults not many people my age and now lots of girls. Might make friend. I hope i do.
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

I never really asked you I guess...but do you like your school now that you've been there for a year? This is probably a silly thing to comment on, but those trunks sounds really cool. I have a set of luggage but I can't help but think it would be neat if it had a mirror on the inside and had drawers. Maybe I can just make drawers and find a way to attach a mirror so it works the same way? It sounds more organized and easier to find things. :)

well, yes I like school ok, i mean i love to study, learn new stuff, and i have got used to being there. I still don\'t like having uniform, not to wear my own clothes - but overall, it has been a great adventure so far.