Olennas Punishment

If you who read my earlier stories you know about my friend Olenna here at school and about Big Sisters. For people not read them, I give short explanation.

I go to strict boarding school all girls. I start last September. I sleep in dorm with 7 other girls and we do everything together, eat sleep, lessons and even showers morning and evening. First evening in showers I met Olenna first time, we just look at each other naked bodies and we both know we want to be girlfriends. We can tell from look in eyes, is not crude is just we really like what we see.

Olenna and me are special friends and we try do everything together, especially be together in showers to help each other wash.

Big Sisters are senior girls 17 years 18 years who suppose to help new girls like me Olenna do right thing and not break rules. Also new girls have to be servant for Big Sister, do tasks like make bed, ironing, make coffee, clean up and other things too. If girl break rule or not do task properly, make mistake, Big Sister allowed to punish with spank.

Big Sister I am servant for is name Solomiya.

I worry about Olenna cos she is big rebel and not show much respect for rules or for Big Sisters. She is clever like me and always get good mark for weekly report book so not in trouble about study. But she not seem to care about rules. I try talk to her many times but she just ignore.

Last Friday i was doing job for Solomiya and she warn me stay away from Olenna cos all Big Sisters have meeting and decide if Olenna do just one more little thing they going to punish her. I tell Olenna this but she just shrug again like she not care.

On Saturday, Solomiya again say be careful you don't get caught up with Olenna and also get punish. Now I am really worried cos I know something is going to happen. I try warn Olennna again but is no good. She say she not care what they do to her.

On sunday morning before we go to church for service Big Sister come to dorm and say all girls to come back to dorm straight after church. This is very unusual never happen before cos sunday morning is time for relaxation. Other girls gossip about what goes on but I think I know and when I look at Olenna she is just quiet and back inside herself.

When service is over we all go back to dorm and just wait. After about 15 minutes, all Big Sisters 8 of them come in and close door. Head girl of Big Sisters is called Steffka, she say all girls stand at end of beds. I can see they wonder what will happen. Then Steffka say Olenna step forward, we have had meeting about your behaviour and decide you not respect rules or Big Sisters at all. You have warning and chance to be better but you just ignore so we decide you will have punishment see if this helps you improve. All girls go a bit pale now and some even start cry a little even though they not get punish.

Two Big Sisters move table into middle of room between beds. Steffka tell Olenna take off blazer and put on bed. Then she say take off skirt also put on bed and come to table. Olenna just do what she told to do no reaction and walk up to table. Steffka takes strap from other Big Sister who was hiding it and puts it on table. Everybody just look at it and some girls give big gasp of breath. Strap is about 50cm long and 2.5cm wide.

Then Steffka say to Olenna take off panties and bend over table. Olenna does this and her bare bottom is in air for all girls to see, also other parts from way she is standing.

Steffka take off own blazer and pick up strap. She swish it through air about three times then step back and give Olenna real hard stroke across bottom. Strap makes big noise on bottom and Olenna jump right up but she not make a sound. Just bend over again and wait. Already there is a wide red stripe across bottom.

Steffka step back again and give another stroke. Same sound and same jumping up but now two red stripes. One girl is just crying now and a couple try look away but Big Sisters tell them watch punishment so they learn lesson too.

After third stroke Olenna not jump so quickly just stand up slowly and then bend down again. After fourth stroke she hardly move but I can see her knees bend and she has to make effort to not fall down.

Each time Steffka step back and swing strap right over shoulder before bringing down on Olennas bare bottom and bottom is now all red and also getting black blue bruise. Olenna seem to bend over even more and show her parts by opening legs so not to fall over.

I not know how many strokes Steffka gave to Olenna cos I not want to count but I think maybe about 12. I know by end Olenna really just lying on table with legs sticking out and some marks were on top of legs as well as bottom.

When Steffka give last stroke she tell Olenna stand up and get dressed. It take Olenna quite a few minutes before she could stand and she walk over to her bed not even look at Steffka or anybody else, like she was completely alone in room, even in world.

Big Sisters put table back to wall and then all left not to say anything themselves.

I went to Olenna to see if I could help. I look at bottom and is very bruised and full of pain, also I see her eyes full of pain and anger and embarrassment. I offer to put cream on bottom to ease pain, like we did together when other girls got cane from House Mother, but she just say go leave me alone. I try comfort her but all I can see in eyes now is anger and even hatred.

Now I worry she think I betray her with Solomiya but I know I did not and I just want to help her. It is sad for her to be alone without special friend after experience like that. And is sad for me to lose special friend here when I just try to help her.

We will have to see what happens in next few days.

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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

why would anyone do that to someone! no one deserves to have that happen to them it does'nt matter were your from or what you did! its a school for crying out lound were im from you would probably go to jail for hitting a child like that!

how is person punish where you live if not show respect?

i guess they get stuff taken away from them like there laptops or they get grounded and can't go out to do anything but go to school or church. but i guess its diffrent depending were your from!

yes is different like we said in message xxx