My Poor Right Hand

It works so hard, painting and all. It deserves a treat... New brushes maybe.

I told my ribald EP pal I was thinking about what kind of flowers I was going to buy my right hand for Valentine's Day. It made her spew her coffee. I figured you could use a laugh too.

That's all. PLEASE don't Perv me. I'm not into that, well, only ... Nah, really I'm not .....
Happy Valentine's Day early.... Does your hand need a treat? Anything for a laugh, I say. Bless You, Kathie
Kathieredart Kathieredart
56-60, F
4 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Painting? I thought maybe it had to do with all that canned **** you acquired...

I can't hear you.... Lah lah te da.... Lol

Got potatoes in your ears?

Ok, now THAT was hitting below the belt! ( munches hash browns)

My apologies. I know you guys eat more than just spuds. Like, um, er...

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Yes, it does, especially my poor index finger, all worn out from tapping this tiny Droid keyboard. It's the action end of my intellect, carrying the load while my other four fingers curl up and watch. I'm sure it wishes I had mastered brevity, but that failing, I enjoy its displays of speed and dexterity.


Lefty will be jealous you know....just sayin'.

Dang! Come to think of it, so will Poncho! But Lefty has been close to useless to me.