My Life

My real name is sidal. I am 11 years old. I live in england. I have great friends and great siblings. One brother and two sisters.I love my two parent but i think my dad more! I have a normal life that any one can have ,our familly isnt rich or extreamly poor were in the middle. My time at home is boring because theres not much to do. I usually watch tv or im on my phone. My mum dosnt want to buy the consoles or ps or wiis because she knows every child gets addicted and this causes children from not learning real life...

I go to a buisness and enterprise college ( secondary school )but i cant give the name for security! You lot might think im just a kid but i have the same feelings as most of the adults have. I can be a great friend cause when im friends with some one i never break their heart.I try my hardest not to! If i did it means they broke my heart before. My star sign is aries im born on the 7 of april 2001. I am the religion of islam and im proud of that because that religion is on earth to bring peace and respect. I know iraq is a islamic country and they have been in wars but they are doing it for their country to be in peace...

So that is my life and you can see that its not that interesting.
lovefromheart lovefromheart
13-15, F
Dec 13, 2012