Deep Breath

I can feel the burdens that have been weighing heavy on my shoulders crumble down around my feet. I stumble over the pieces and each one is sharp like broken glass. I'm letting go of and walking away from everything and everyone that has been holding me back. A lot of people say that they have "let go" of things but they continue to stand in the same place and stare at it; leaving it in arms reach just incase weakness suddenly grabs and pulls at them, they'll have something to grasp. They don't allow themselves to not only let go, but to also walk away. I guess the walking away part makes our legs stronger so that when weakness does sneak up on us, we're strong enough to stand our own ground without desperately seeking for something to hold onto. I want to be strong on my own. I don't want to use my scars and sob stories as excuses for being insecure anymore. There are so many times that I felt that I had let go of all of the things that make me question and doubt myself. But then, something happens and I quickly reach out for those excuses time and time again. I realize now that I need to completely tear myself away from the negatives in my life. I can't just put them into the back of my mind to be dealt with later. It's time to deal with it now. As much as it may hurt, I need to take a deep breath and take those few steps to walk away from the broken peices that surround me. Each step will hurt more than the last, but the last step that lands me in clear ground will be the best.
xKay xKay
22-25, F
Jan 6, 2013