I Don't Suspect It Will Be Easy.............

But, I will do it. Slowly, with little steps, & probably a few stumbles. I am going to do it though. I deserve a world full of beauty, love, respect, & fun. So that's what I'm going to do.
I started by painting my bedroom purple. Heehee! I'll continue by slowly making up my own mind about things. I'll try not to be so quick to back down & follow the pack.
I know I'll need help, but that's okay. I'm gonna learn how to ask for what I need & how to find the right people to give it to me.
My life will be all I want it to be. I will be happy, & I'm not afraid to work as long as I need to to achieve it. So, my journey begins today. Hope the scenery's pretty. Heehee!!

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Mar 24, 2009