An Inspiring Book

Earth. an interesting place. The only planet that we know of that can consist of life.As we know it the world is suffering. Some people say, "hey its just one person,you cant make a difference" but i say NO!!!!! one person can and with the world we can have a better place to live for me and you. my goal os to have chane and with us all it would be great. there are mant things you can do to be eco-friendly. REDUCE. take shorter showers, dont use as much water when you are bruching your teeth. REUSE. you can  reuse anything like a shirt,give it away or make a quilt. and at last RECYCLE. You can recycle cans plastic metal bottles toothbrushes ans paper. i hope you all liked my blog and if you want to hear more about things to do to help the earth or want to hear about the book i read please read and tell me if you like it. thank you so much and have a wonderfully green day!


                                                                    One  World      One Chance

gogreen123 gogreen123
13-15, F
Jul 26, 2010