Question To The World, What Next?

Ok, I'm gonna be straight up with the. I'm stoned right now. So bare with me. I was thinking rather deep tonight and my thoughts wandered into the issue that kinda brought up the foundations to what this is about.
With all the governments that are at war right now including us, everybody wanting to blow everybody up. Now, we're not exactly wanting to blow anybody up, but if we have to, we can. But that's besides the point here. The inevitable result is somebody finally launching the nuke, blowing somebody up. They counter attack blowing up the other one. Then everyone just starts blowing up everyone. So when that’s all said and done, What do we do next?
What do we do when everything is gone?
People don’t seem to understand, nukes don’t just kill the enemy, they annihilate everything. Anything that breathes, practically anything that has a cell, dies. Everybody has nukes, Everybody nukes everybody, everything’s gone. There’s nothing left. NOTHING!!! Forget re-establishing governments, rebuilding life and civilization. Everything has been annihilated. So after everything’s blown to oblivion , what do we do next? Who wins? Who wins when there’s no one left? Why not just everyone leave everyone alone. Instead of working to destroy each other, try working with each other. It betters the whole. Everyone could benefit. And it’s real easy. We could all share each others technology, resources, ideas, each working to better the whole.

I really can’t get it through my head, that in all the advances, connections and all the global get-together we’ve made as a species, why half of the world is still bent on killing everyone else. Really? We really are one planet alone here in our tiny, puny, little insignificant region of the universe. Do these “radicals” think that whatever outcome that happens is going to matter in the grand cosmic scheme? No it won’t. Will matter here on Earth? Maybe for a little bit. But like everything else that ever was, it too will not last. Even the Great Pyramids will eventually be distributed all across the Sahara. And since our individual presence here is oh so brief, why should we fill it with hate, anger, and things of the sort. Life is too short as it is, don’t make it shorter just cause someone doesn’t believe as you do. But no, that’s not the way it is, no matter how many people say that. Someone, somewhere is going to kill themselves and as many others as possible because some (dead) dude said that they’d get 72 virgins. Please. I wouldn’t do such thing for an endless supply of virgins.

Most of the countries at war right, (which is pretty much all of them, mind you) do have nuclear weapons. If one country launches one, it’ll be like throwing a fire into a firework factory: when one goes off, they all go off. And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m not exactly thrilled about the idea of be blown to smitherings because some political dudes can’t get along. If you can’t play together, then go to a different part of the playground.

And since I’m doing this stoned, I wish to pose another question, can’t we all just get a bong?? I wish for that everyone that reads this, to spread that one question (Not the bong question) to as many people as you can.What do we do after everything's been destroyed? Everyone needs to be asking this. I don’t care whose side you take, or what your opinion is. This is not an opinion, it’s an inevitable fact. If **** keeps going like it is, your opinion won’t matter. If this keeps up, we won’t even be matter. Ok I’m hungry so I’m gonna go find something to eat.
Ludatic Ludatic
26-30, M
Oct 12, 2011