Impact Project: I Affect The World

As He did with all His children, God put goodness in my heart. I am intuitively connected to the need to impact the world. This impact is not for recognition but for service. I was born to impact the world with my goodness. I will affect and change the world with my self. Only I can bring my unique touch to all that I hold dear. I am aware of the desire and calling within to affect the world- I always have been.
How can I do this? Simply by and with the grace of God. My impact will be felt on a much grander scale in the days to come. I am excited and look forward to sharing it with the world. It will truly be my pleasure.
BayAreaBliss BayAreaBliss
41-45, F
2 Responses Jun 16, 2012

Sounds good, do it. :)

Thank you kindly!

It's great to see my intent in black and white. Yay!