Change The World Huh? A Little Story About Two Groups: Marijauna Advocates/occupy Main St. & The Tea Baggers...

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Or if not interested, at least go to the bottom and follow directions. It WILL change your life!! Some a little, many a lot.!

I do, or did spend much effort trying to change the world, but you've got to do it the right way. I am not saying or accusing anyone, in fact, I haven't really read any of these posts, but now that I am sick, can't work and hard to fight for our rights and freedoms being taken away one by one from under our noses by the true rulers of this country, i.e. The Corporate and Banking elite; the government and presidents are just puppets for the true owners. They don't care about us.

To get to my point.
When the 'Occupy; movement came about, I thought wow, finally people are doing something besides bitching and no action. But, time went on and now for how long? These Occupiers are much like these advocates who want marijuana legalized. I personally don't like pot, but am an advocate, it has 1,000's of uses besides medicinal. But most groups I see are probably 99.9% pot heads who just want it legalized to score some cheap legal weed. Of all the groups and comments I've seen around, all they talk about is the high, as well as post pictures of 'buds', animals smoking a joint, etc. and talk about the good weed they scored last week. That is not how you go about making change.
I would put money on it, over half of these advocates have no clue of the thousands of uses of 'hemp' in textiles, clothing, rope, etc. or don't really care about the medicinal purposes (California is a good example. Jesus, there are more dispensaries than there are starbucks, and they so cleverly give each batch a catchy name and you can get a card if you have a stomach ache!!).
They are going about it the wrong way.

Now, compare them with the Occupy movement.
It was a very good idea, but they went about it the wrong way. They ended up acting like fools in tent cities in parks, holding signs, passing a joint and beer for drymouth while attempting to play and sing bad versions of Cumbia sounds. It's been a couple/few years and has not made a dent in anything.
Now to compare/contrast with the Tea party (or as Bill Maher calls them, the 'Tea Baggers' ya Bill!!).
As much as I despise Capitalism, especially neocons, the tea baggers took it at a different approach. They dressed nice, went for donations etc. to raise money; and in a matter of what? Three years??? They now have approximately 60 seats in Congress/House.
Again, I despise Capitalism...Tea Baggers, the blue, the red...we are a one party fascist state disguised as a two party state. But in the end, they are just servants of the real rulers...the corporations and banks and few elite. That is what needs to be changed. I studied/studying Political Sociology both in college and on my own and know pretty much all forms of gov't. and how they treat their people...from Anarchism to Marx/Engel's Socialism to Communism (True communism, not what Stalin did by twisting Marx's words around for his benefit and excuse to kill many and give communism a bad name); as well as totalitarianism; authoritarianism; fascism; etc...and modes of production under many different governments and the waste and greed the states practice and have succeeded in complete division of or poor. No between. And through classroom hegemony beginning in grade school, they have taken over the books and kids are taught to be robot conformists, so when they go out in the world, they just sit and take orders with no questioning...they HAVE succeeded.
And trust me, some of it is exaggerated I will admit, but after decades of research, Globalization and the New World Order is very real. A conspiracy fact.
What I don't understand is: When there are what? Maybe several thousand elite running this country and the majority of us in the states is around 300 million and maybe 7 billion worldwide? Even in the states, with 300 million, why can't even 25 million take action to overthrow these elite??

I'll tell you why! The Military-Industrial-Complex and the Corporate-Medical-Political-Complex have managed to brainwash the majority of us through many different ways, i.e. passing out psychotropic drugs to everyone like candy which just makes you a zombie if not kill you (face it, you can go to a doctor and say, 'yes, I had a horrid long day at work and was forced to run wild and do everything myself because of the incompetence of my co-workers'. 'So when I got home, I threw my shoes off, poured a glass of wine, thought about the day and tried to relax and was just burned out'. Just from that statement, they can say 1.) you are most likely bipolar of some type or depressed, and because you need wine to calm down, that means you are also a substance abuser. Ahhhhhhh!!!

So the poor bastard is immediately put on Prozac or Serequel or Abilify or whatever without a blink of the eye of the doctor. Now, he's worse off than before.
There is so little study time for these drugs, they are passing them out like candy; pharmaceutical companies have a handful of shrinks they pay well to test on subjects and after 2 or 3 weeks, the shrinks say yes to them, so big pharma runs to the FDA and pays them hundreds of thousands of dollars to get them on the market asap.
Then, five years down the road, people are getting severe permanent serious side effects and some even dropping like flies.
So big pharma takes them off the shelves with a big grin saying, 'we made several billion dollars in a few years, but hey, what's a few dead when you can make that kind of money?? Again, it's pure Capitalism.

Just to prove a point, here is a little story.
I went out and had a drink on the patio and the waitress came up to me and we got into this discussion. She was around 30 years old. And after much explanation, she said, 'Well, I am only one person, there is nothing I can do'. I just shook my head in shame.
So I brought up the protests in Cairo last year which led to the majority overthrowing the government and told her, do you know how that started? She said, I don't even know about Cairo or what you are talking about. I thought...God help me...these are the kids that are going to be running the world and taking care of me when I get older...I want to die now!
But my point was: The protests in Cairo that led to the overthrow of the government began with just a couple people posting a brutality situation on the net. More and more saw it and took action instead of whining about not doing anything. Her ignorance just blew me away!!

In the end, there is a quote I saw that said: 'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.'

This link is public domain. I don't know if I can post a link, but this is important, not copy written and meant to share, so I am going to attempt this just once. I am new and have not had much time to read the rules and regulations thoroughly. But hey, if this is open and a place to say whatever is on your mind, then we should be able to share important links in circles like this that are not sexual, offensive, one-sided, etc. but important facts made specifically for public knowledge.
Here is the link:
and if that doesn't work, just go to you tube and type in the search box: 'Turn off you TV NOW...PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE' AND YOU WILL FIND IT.
It is one thing I have been fighting for, for decades but am now disabled and cannot do much but spread the word and get people to think again.

P.S. If this message offended anyone, I truly apologize, I didn't mean to do that. It wasn't my purpose. And the video is not offensive at all, just informal and important facts on taking action. It will hit you right here <3, I promise. You may end up watching it over and over it is so well done.
Thank you for your time.
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I don't know what to feel about this. Aren't you using propaganda to fight propaganda? Yes, government's biased, but so's the video, at least in my opinion. Now, what I truly think, is that what we've got to do is to invoke in the people: curiosity, to seek truth, passion, to take action, and love, to nurture the future. People should be made to question authority, but not to oppose it. I did not think the video was right in trying to invoke anger from the people. While very effective in bringing in change, anger almost always backfires. What we need is the true will to do good and to change for the better, not the attitude that the system's evil and should be brought down. Perhaps the two attitudes aren't mutually exclusive, but I just think that any change should be brought on, and essentially ba<x>sed, on good-will. <br />
<br />
Please don't misunderstand, I'm not mocking anyone. Just trying to pitch another angle at looking at the whole thing. And if you see this, reply and we can talk further :)

its a long story, huh? <br />
its complicated, you cant judge something on your own glasses.. idk i dont know much. sorry