Order Over Freedom

I have a bit of an issue with how obsessed people are with freedom. North America has become hyper liberal, where everyone holds to the idea that everyone should do what they think is best as long as it's not hurting anyone else. The idea sounds really good and it is almost universally accepted. But there are some issues with it that need to be considered. For one there are a lot more addictive things in our culture than we admit, - TV, Fast food, sugar, fat, internet, even excercise. The irony is that when everyone just does what they want they tend to over indulge in these things and end up enslaved by them. So becuase we support hardcore political freedom, we end up being enslaved by corperate forces. These things have just led to a shallow culture that's defined by mcdonalds, walmart, and Burger King. There has to be a point where we try to define who we are and what we stand for or our culture is cursed to continue to be consumed by our own personal desires rather than something greater.
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You're awesome

Well said .

How would you go about regulating this though without infringing on people's rights?

Well there are lots of ways of making policies that encourage and support certain behaviors and way of living without forbidding people to do things. Also focusing on traditions and old ways of doing things that support the commonwealth of all rather than the individual. absolute freedom often leads to more problems, we assume that only children need boundries and limits, but we all do.

So you suggest that we encourage healthy habits more so then forbid unhealthy ones?
Out of curiosity how would you define the root of social North American culture?

I don't know much about the United States, but in Canada there was a strong push towards commonwealth. A larger focus on the good of all rather than an individual.

Good thought and true