Damn It, I'm G...

Damn it, I'm going to try!! I ASK everyone to PLEASE read my story called, I think children need rights!! I NEED your comments and thoughts, I NEED your expierences to FURTHER passion by beliefs that quite simply are MILDLY and DILUTED in my story, and are just a few examples of what i see are the injustices that children face DAILY, as to write them all down, would mean me writing for over 24 hours straight and a story so darn long NO ONE would want to read it, but it is my true START to change the world, or at the very least, my own community ..... Rome was not Built in a day!! COMMENTS, RANTS, COMPLETE OPPOSITION to my opinion are ALL greatly needed and will be seriously treated with the utmost of respect!!
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2 Responses May 5, 2007

I think children should be protected from harmful belief structures. I think children should not have their parent’s opinions imposed upon them. Children should never be abused, never be used as pawns in wars of the parents, children should have some say in their choices, and have every chance possible to make those choices with easy to understand information.<br />
Children...who do you think should be responsible? The government or the parents?...that is a tricky one.<br />
Hey alwaysremembers, what are the main causes you fight for, in regards to children’s rights?