I Want To Fly, Not From Coast To Coast, But Way Up High Above The Sky.

I want to fly, not from coast to coast, but way up high above the sky.
I am not depressed nor am I sad, but actually excited.
Excited about seeing the world beyond this one.
But I do feel like us humans are living the wrong way.
I am not a politician nor a philosopher, I am a freedom-truth-seeker.
I wish I can rule the world and bring happiness and real freedom to the world.
I believe that no man is free, unless all man are free.
I find that money is for games like monopoly, that we the world should play once in a while
instead of it being everyday-day-slave-like-thing. I feel like we are all brain-washed in the game.
I feel like we all should snap out of it and open our eyes to see what's truly fun and peaceful.
I feel like we all forgot our origins, turning more like into machines.
I feel like we are all being more confused ages by ages.
I feel like we are all hiding our true feelings and letting out the fake.
Day by day, instead of naturally we are growing artificially.
I do not wish to live this way until I perish so I'm hoping there's a world out there that I'm looking for.
Love all.
-Steven Seung Woo Lim, FlaRaWest, Vinsin LimRa(Sorry I have too many names)
VinsinLimRa VinsinLimRa
18-21, M
Dec 9, 2012