We All Do, Whether We Mean to ...

We all do, whether we mean to or not. Whether an action is thoughtless or thought out, the effect travels out like the ripples from a drop. We might never know how we have changed the world, but by our very being we have.
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Not to undermine the importance of this story, but unless you are a determinist, isn't it self-evident that being alive changes the world? Surely the point, as ElLagarto almost says, is to understand the nature of the world, in order to change it for the better? Then it becomes a question of politics and about what direction we ought to take.

I am always so worried that I don't make a difference, but just the choices I make around my friends and family make a difference in their lives.

If you think of changing the world by yourself, you'll get overwhelmed because there are too many people. But if you encourage others to make a difference and they encourage others, then a HUGE difference can be made.

Thanks so much for all the feedback. Reminds me of the concept in the movie, "Pay It Forward." And I've recently read some books dealing with the Law of Attraction... not so much from The Secret's focus on wealth/material gain, but more on the what goes around comes around and you get what you give.

Increase the positive output, be nice to people. If you're nasty, they get nasty, and that just spreads nastiness.

Nicely put, if we all considered the far reaching effects of our decisions, we might be more cautious and conscientious.

Well put. Sometimes we think we need to do something drastic to make an impact. But in fact, our every action/inaction makes an impact. The energy ripples through the universe.

This topic is inspiring...

Amen. What some folks seem to be missing is that this happens both for good and ill. However, the essential point here is the old saw - "Think globally, act locally." Or, as they say in Holland, "If everyone swept in front of his or her own house, the entire street would be clean."

thats optimistic!